L'ancienne Statue Euro Model Cello

The Jay Haide Statue Eurowood Model Cellos

Our Special Model Eurowood a l'ancienne instruments are made with aged European tonewood producing a beautifully layered, rich sonority, whose depth and color is brought to life by its powerful resonance. They are handmade in our workshop by expert luthiers. 

The delicate flaming of the maple on the back of each instrument accentuates the richness and complexity of the auburn shades of our proprietary varnish carefully applied and beautifully antiqued giving each instrument the patina of age, so desired by both musicians and connoisseurs. They are as beautiful tonally as they are visually.

The Special Model cellos are available in either the Strad model (narrower, streamlined body, with a brighter sound), Ruggieri model, or the wider bodied Montagnana model, with a broad, rich, dark sound.