Sep 09 2016

The Statue Model: Q&A with Jay Ifshin

AC: Why is it called the Statue Model?
JI: During one of my trips to Europe, [...] Read More...
Jay Haide Statue Front.JPG 

May 21 2016

FAQ: Is My Progress Normal?

What is a normal rate of progress for learning the violin? Does talent matter? Read More...

Apr 08 2016

Interview with Violinist Erica Kiesewetter of the American Symphony Orchestra

I was lucky enough to catch violinist Erica Kiesewetter despite her very busy schedule (seriously, check out her bio at the end!) to ask her a few questions. Associate professor, coach, and busy performer, she is an accomplished musician and wonderful role model for the young artists she guides. Read More...

Mar 18 2016

Interview with Violinist Chen Zhao of the San Francisco Symphony

I spoke to Chen Zhao recently, who plays violin in the San Francisco Symphony, on practicing, his Read More...